Portraits of Canada

Autumn in Australia is pretty but there is nothing quite like the stunning splendour of “the Fall” in Canada. Pink Turtle Photography hope you enjoy this portrait of Canada.  I love that the [...]

Brumby Portraits

Clearly Pink Turtle Photography loves to photograph portraits of people with their equine family. Today we are showcasing brumby portraits with a lovely portrait of Elen and the two brumbies she [...]

Family Portraits

Family is the inspiration, motivation and joy behind Pink Turtle Photography. To celebrate family and the launch of Pink Turtle Photography in the Shoalhaven I would like to introduce you to my [...]

Outdoor portraits

Few people would look so completely at home in rugged northern Ontario, Canada as Jess and Brian. Repairing the cottage dock was temporarily put on hold while Pink Turtle photographed this young [...]

Wedding portraits in white

In a rare departure from family portraits Pink Turtle Photography was thrilled to photograph Emma and Mitchell’s April wedding. We photographed pre wedding portraits in Marulan before gathering [...]

Pet portraits part 2

Pink Turtle Photography is grateful that camera shy Kellie was willing to sit for an additional portrait session alongside her two Shar Pei dogs. As principal portrait photographer at Pink Turtle [...]

Pet Portraits

Pink Turtle Photography started 2016 with pet portraits of two Shar Pei dogs Indi and Griff. Two gorgeous dogs to photograph guaranteed a fun filled portrait shoot. This pet portrait session was [...]

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