In Photography

Pink Turtle Photography had a fantastic day at Kioloa in the Shoalhaven with the CanTeen ACT & SNSW group photographing surf portraits. It was a stunningly beautiful day to be on the NSW south coast enjoying the sun, sand and surf. Before hitting the surf we facilitated a photography workshop for all the members and staff. I was impressed with the quality and creativity of the photos that the members of CanTeen captured during the outdoor practical exercises.

After lunch the members and staff of CanTeen learned to surf with Pam Burridge Surf Schools. Pink Turtle photographed lots of incredible smiles, laughs and arms raised in triumph because everyone successfully rode waves back to the beach. We were kept busy photographing surfing portraits in a couple of locations along the beach.
I can’t begin to know what life challenges the members of CanTeen are experiencing.  I was touched by the tremendous support, close friendships and infectious enthusiasm for life shown by everyone regardless of the challenges cancer has thrown their way. 
Spending the day with CanTeen was one of the most rewarding days I’ve had all year.

Thank you CanTeen ACT & SNSW group!  Pink Turtle hopes we are fortunate enough to be asked back to other summer camps with the ACT & SNSW group of CanTeen Australia.