In Photography

Pink Turtle was in family portrait mode the past few months.
Before we post some client portraits I’d like to show the portraits from a recent photography shoot with the other member of my immediate family; my stepdaughter Special K.
Photographs tell stories and I have been photographing lots of Kassie’s stories since we first met 15 years ago. I have a lovely collection of personal memories of moments and adventures that we’ve shared together. When I look at portraits or photographs from those adventures the memories burst into life again with remarkable detail and vibrant colour.
The portraits of Kassie tell stories of our family life together but they also provide a visual timeline of how she’s blossomed from a horse crazy, rough & tumble, tomboy on our farm to a strong, confident, and beautiful young woman who works hard, plays hard, and laughs often.
I am so grateful for the opportunity I’ve had as a portrait photographer to photograph so many memories and stories in Special K’s life.