Family Portrait on the Steps

Many of Pink Turtle Photography’s most beautiful portraits have been a happy blend of preplanning the portrait shoot with a generous helping of spontaneity.  This portrait on the steps was a [...]

Portraits of Canada

Autumn in Australia is pretty but there is nothing quite like the stunning splendour of “the Fall” in Canada. Pink Turtle Photography hope you enjoy this portrait of Canada.  I love that the [...]

Brumby Portraits

Clearly Pink Turtle Photography loves to photograph portraits of people with their equine family. Today we are showcasing brumby portraits with a lovely portrait of Elen and the two brumbies she [...]

Equine Assisted Learning Portraits

Pink Turtle Photography would like to introduce Nala and Denny. As a portrait photographer I’ve been thrilled to photograph humans and horses enjoying nature together. Family portraits capture [...]

A girl and her horse portraits

A girl and her horse is exactly what I see when Mic and Bubbles are together. Mic and Bubbles have grown up together and enjoyed lots of riding adventures at Pony Club or out on the trail. Like [...]

Humans and Horses Portraits

Humans and horses interacted and communicated with each other beautifully in this portrait shoot. Pink Turtle Photography enjoyed the wonderful late afternoon light while photographing Jasmine, [...]

Father’s Day portraits

Pink Turtle has gathered a few images from the vault in honour of Father’s Day. A warm hello to every dad, stepdad, father, grandfather, pop, grandpa or great grandfather. Wherever the men in our [...]

Family portraits at the beach

Pink Turtle Photography captured family portraits of Clare with her son and daughter on a beautiful sunny day.    Clare wanted natural portraits of her family enjoying an afternoon at the beach. [...]

Portraits of connection:

Portraits are such a strong visual representation of the connection we have with other beings.  Recently I was fortunate to get to know Wendy and photograph her powerful connection with [...]