In Photography

“Never work with animals or children” (W.C. Fields) was heralded as wise advice for actors, filmmakers and photographers but the staff at Pink Turtle completely disagree.  Portraits of families with their pets are one of our favourite types of shoot. We had a fun filled afternoon capturing portraits of this couple on their own, with their five dogs or with several of their horses.

As we moved from one location to another on the their beautiful property we captured some quiet moments as well as the playful interactions between all the animals and their human family.

Most families don’t know where life will take them. They may move several times, live overseas or end up raising children in the town where they grew up.  A family portrait session was a fantastic way for this couple to record the beauty of their beloved property as well as the joy and adventures all of them have shared together.

Pink Turtle Photography had a great day capturing this chapter in their story.