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Photography was a slow burn to become the passion it is today, but now I rarely go anywhere without my cameras. I grew up in Southern Ontario, Canada and during high school I began borrowing my Dad’s camera. The summer between high school and university I bought myself my first Nikon 35mm camera. Back then all I wanted to photograph was landscapes and wildlife. Somewhere along the line landscape photography became a wonderful record keeping process of my travels.

After completing a certificate in commercial photography I got hooked on portrait photography. I realised a wonderful sense of achievement in helping clients relax in front of the camera allowing us to capture honest and natural images that tell a story about that person.

Even now, I prefer to work with natural light in the client’s backyard, nearby park or other favourite outdoor location. The trendy term at the time was environmental portraits. There is such beautiful light in the early morning and late afternoon that it seems almost a shame to photograph indoors.

I’ve operated a boutique photography business doing outdoor portraits in Canada for many years until I moved to Australia and continued the business here in NSW.

Over 20 years later the time has come to take this passion to the next level under a new brand, Pink Turtle Photography and to embrace modern technology; to create this website and our new Facebook page, both platforms that suit the story telling nature of my portrait photography.

The name Pink Turtle Photography might seem a little obscure but it is a business name with great sentimental attachment. I am the oldest of three sisters and the Pink Turtle Photography logo is a tribute to our bond and our story.

Over the years, whilst I had a camera round my neck, charged with the responsibility of renewing our family portraits, my sisters, Carol and Rene, unbeknownst to each other collected turtles as lucky charms. Pink was my youngest sister Rene’s signature colour. Rene’s grace and courage while she fought brain cancer inspired me to dream big, pursue my passions and live my life with joy and enthusiasm. Morphing a camera aperture into a pink turtle shell represents the enduring bond between my family as well as the memories and images captured in my photography.

Photographs tell stories about the places we’ve been, the people we’ve met. They tell stories about the people who have had the greatest impact on our life; our family.

The word family means something different to each person. Embrace your family; embrace the laughter, the tears, the joys, the sorrows and the whole rollercoaster ride of emotions and experiences that is family.

Every family is unique, each story is different and every story I help to tell through photography is an adventure.

Pink Turtle Photography looks forward to helping you tell your story.


My thanks to Blue Platypus for their helpful advice and expertise to turn my concepts & dream into a reality.