In Photography


Our eyes, our ears and our brains capture and record moments of our everyday lives.

Some moments are huge milestones and we remember them with brilliant clarity forever such as the birth of a child, a wedding, buying our first car, graduation or a family reunion.

Some moments are very small, lasting only a split second. Even though these moments may be brief they are meaningful and sometimes have incredible emotional attachment. The moments to which I am referring are usually as simple as:

· your partner holds your hand,

· a Dad comforting his child who just skinned their knee,

· watching the sun break through the clouds to shine on a solitary tree,

· a family dinner,

· Mom’s TLC when you’ve been sick,

· listening to the rain on a tin roof as you go to sleep,

· your teenager excitedly tells you about their day,

· a knowing smile when a spouse finishes the others sentence,

· an old friend calls out of the blue for a chat, or

· a hug “just because” they thought you needed one


As a photographer I have been privileged to witness and capture honest, beautiful, and often touching moments in the lives of my family, friends and clients.

I am particularly happy that I captured this moment at a family BBQ two years ago. A spontaneous moment between wife & husband, which was noticed and made all of us smile.