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The recent spate of cold rainy days has reminded me of a few shoots I’ve done over the years where as the photographer I had to think outside the raindrops. I’m not suggesting that we try to take family portraits in a raging storm with thunder and lighting but there are some great options we can choose from if the weather on photo shoot day is less than optimal.

An overcast day produces beautiful light with the clouds acting like a giant diffuser. There are no harsh shadows on the face to worry about and nature’s colours have more depth, more saturation. Have you ever noticed how green everything is just after a rain?

A successful photo shoot is possible on a drizzly day. We could bring out a bunch of colourful umbrellas or throw on the faithful yellow rain slicker. Iconic Aussie gum boots in basic black or cool patterns can add to the fun of a rainy day shoot.

Rain or shine, a Pink Turtle Photography portrait session with your family can be loads of fun. Lets splash through puddles, explore the edge of the dam, throw sticks for the dogs or try to spot a rainbow.