In Photography

Pink Turtle Photography remembers that for most of us, it was a challenge to maintain self-confidence during our teen years. Pink Turtle can help build your teenager’s self-confidence with a fun and enjoyable portrait session. Pink Turtle Photography individually designs every portrait shoot to showcase our client’s skills and interests:

  • Action portraits during a sporting event
  • Casual portraits in the comfort of home
  • Elegant portraits before a school formal or family function
  • Powerful portraits that show strength and skill
  • Serene portraits capturing artistic talents
  • Natural portraits that are genuine and spontaneous
  • Outdoor portraits with mother nature as our photographic studio

Luke actively participated in the design of his photography session by requesting action portraits on the tennis court as well as an outdoor portrait in nearby bushland. Pink Turtle Photography chose the rock walls along Gymea Bay to be a strong rugged background for the outdoor portraits. Pink Turtle loves the action portrait of this competent young man at full stretch returning a backhand volley.

A great portrait can help young clients feel confident and strong. Give Pink Turtle Photography a call.